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How to prepare for an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) class renewal, Nashville TN? That is a question  so many paramedics, nurses, dentists, and even some doctors have. The American Heart Association ACLS Provider certification lasts for two years and then must be renewed by completing and ACLS renewal class. ACLS covers life saving techniques that are essential to really understand when working in areas of critical care such as the ICU, emergency department, operating room, urgent care centers, or when providing emergency medical services in the field as a paramedic.

ACLS is an extension of Basic Life Support BLS and covers a grand amount of material. In order to be successful as an ACLS provider  and pass the class there are certain skills one must have prior to attending the class. Through science based studies the American Heart Association has developed algorithms as guidelines for healthcare providers to use in the treatment of respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, bradycardia, super ventricular tachycardia, and other life threatening cardiovascular and pulmonary comorbitities.

In order to be able to utilize these algorithms in treatment healthcare professionals must first be able to understand the pharmacology and rhythm interpretation these algorithms are based on. For example, lets say you are in an ACLS class for your two year update and you have reached the mega code portion of the class. The American Heart Association instructor gives you a scenario with the description of the patient’s symptoms. You tell your ACLS mega code team members to place the patient on the monitor. Once the patient is on the monitor you see an ECG rhythm. If you are not able to identify what the rhythm is on the monitor you will not know which algorithm to use. Not only is it necessary to understand ECG rhythm interpretation prior to class but also the pharmacology (drugs) that is used in each algorithm and why. It sound like a lot to learn and understand if you do not work in a critical care area but it really is not. CPR Nashville wants students to feel relaxed and stress free so they have three options for students who want to be prepared and succeed.

CPR Nashville will mail students and ECG/Pharmacology manual in advance for review, they can assist in offering the online version of the ECG/Pharmacology course, and they also are willing to mail students an ACLS manual in advance. Whichever option the student chooses CPR Nashville wants to make sure every one who takes their first time ACLS class or ACLS renewal class has a wonderful experience.

The other thing CPR Nashville provides to students taking and ACLS renewal class is access to the American Heart Association student website. There is a pretest and some review videos located at the site. Students have told the instructors of CPR Nashville that taking the pretest and watching the review videos really helped them feel prepared and the ECG/Pharmacology manual was a hit for students who do not work in critical care.

No matter what area of healthcare that you work you deserve to have the best ACLS class experience ever and CPR Nashville’s goal is to deliver that to each and every student that they teach. Don’t put it off any longer or waste time taking a boring online ACLS course.

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