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Are you a healthcare professional who is required to maintain your Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider certification? If so, it can be intimidating and stressful to take an ACLS class in Nashville. After all, the American Heart Association ACLS certification only needs to be renewed every two years. With over 100 pages of information within the American Heart Association ACLS manual, it is difficult for healthcare providers who do not work in a critical care area where ACLS is utilized to remember everything. 

Because of this CPR Nashville has developed a pre-course prep tool that can be used by every doctor, nurse, paramedic, nurse practitioner, specialty dentist, and others to prepare for success during the ACLS renewal class. CPR Nashville believes that first time ACLS classes and the ACLS renewal classes should promote a relaxed learning environment. How can you calm the nerves of people who feel they are poor test takers, scared about the ACLS mega code, and unable to read ECG rhythm strips? CPR Nashville says you calm the nerves by helping the student be prepared prior to ACLS class time and you offer supportive American Heart Association instructors who want their students to succeed. 

The two biggest fears of students renewing their ACLS certification is taking the written exam and passing the MEGACODE. The CPR Nashville pre-course prep tool provides access to the online student center on the American Heart Association student website. Their students are able to view 4 videos with the most recent updates and change to ACLS. Watching the videos refreshes the student’s knowledge of terminology used in ACLS and updates the student on changes to some of the ACLS algorithms. The American Heart Association student website also offers a pre-test. The pre-test lets students know how well they understand the pharmacology, rhythm interpretation, and algorithms of ACLS. If the student is struggling in any of these areas prior to their scheduled ACLS renewal class, the CPR Nashville staff will provide them with specific tools to help them increase knowledge in the area they are struggling with. 

During the class itself students will feel relaxed. CPR Nashville keeps the first time ACLS class and ACLS renewal class sizes small. By limiting enrollment students have time to ask more questions and the CPR Nashville instructors have more time to spend making sure the student has a complete understanding of the information. CPR Nashville does not want any student to leave feeling stressed out or a nervous wreck. It is the job of American Heart Association training sites to make sure that students feel confident and capable to use their ACLS skills in an emergency. 

No more stressful ACLS classes! Visit CPR Nashville’s website at acls-bls-nashville.com to view the class calendar dates and times. CPR Nashville also accommodates surgery centers and other free standing healthcare facilities renew their ACLS, BLS, and PALS certifications by coming to you! Don’t put of renewing your ACLS anymore. Get ready for a fun, fast, and stress-free ACLS renewal experience like never before. Contact CPR Nashville today with any questions. Our staff is always happy to help! 

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