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First Aid CPR ManualCPR Nashville offers the American Heart Association HeartSaver® First Aid class by itself, or it can be combined with HeartSaver® CPR and AED training for adults, children and infants.

*This class is for the General Public, not for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, etc.

The HeartSaver® First Aid course created by the American Heart Association are for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs First Aid training in order to satisfy job requirements or other regulatory policies requiring these certifications or for those who just want the knowledge.

Personal trainers, coaches, teachers, employees whose job requires First Aid training, and anyone else in the public who wants to have basic First Aid training in order to be prepared is case of an emergency situation should take this class.


First Aid Training

There are 3 major emergency types that are taught in this class: Injury Emergencies, Medical Emergencies, and Environmental Emergencies

1. Injury Emergency topics include how to handle bleeding that you can and cannot see, head-neck-spine injuries, broken bones, sprains, wound care, burns, and electrocution.

2. Medical Emergency sections of the course will teach you how to react to issues concerning allergic reactions, fainting, stroke, seizures, cardiovascular shock and blood sugar crisis.

3. Environmental emergency course topics include training on extreme temperature related issues, poison control, bites and stings.


First Aid Certification Includes.American Heart Association

  • -Relaxed, Fun and Stress-Free!
  • -Organized and Fast Classes.
  • -AHA Certified Instructors.
  • -Great for all individuals and Families.
  • -100% American Heart Association certified class – best in the business!
  • -Guaranteed Best First Aid (and CPR Class) – or your money back!
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CPR Nashville offers American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid and HeartSaver CPR classes in Nashville, as well as surrounding areas that include Brentwood, Franklin, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Williamson, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Gallatin, Mt. Juliet, and Forest Hills. All classes are taught in a stress-free manner by upbeat and very supportive, friendly instructors who want to see you succeed.

HeartSaver® classes (both HeartSaver First Aid and HeartSaver CPR) are not for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses are required to take the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR class. If you are a healthcare provider or a student in a medically related field, see our BLS CPR class.