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CPR Nashville is now introducing the BLS – ACLS Combo Class. So many healthcare professionals are now required to be certified as both a BLS provider and an ACLS provider. Because of this CPR Nashville has developed a way  to renew BLS skills and ACLS skills all in one fast, fun, and stress free class.

Our BLS – ACLS combination class begins by reviewing the American Heart Association updates to BLS. BLS is the primary survey so those renewing their ACLS skills need to know this information anyway. After we review the new and updated material we jump right into the hands on portion of adult CPR. This training includes chest compressions, rescue breathing, and how to use an AED. Students love the interactive scenarios and group check offs. After the BLS check offs have been completed the BLS students take their multiple choice written test. We guarantee 100% pass rate because if for some crazy reason a student does not pass the BLS test our instructors will work with them until they do.

If a student does not need BLS they can leave after the test has been completed and they have been given their American Heart Association BLS for healthcare providers card. If the student also needs to complete their ACLS update they stay and begin review of the American Heart Association updates for ACLS, ECG rhythms, and Pharmacology. All check offs have already been taken care of during the BLS portion of the combo class with the exception of  the mega code. Students gather for a relaxed team effort of working through the ACLS mega code scenarios. Instructors teaching CPR Nashville’s ACLS mega code and overseeing the check off want students to succeed. After all the goal is to have competent and confident ACLS providers that feel good about their skill level at the end of class. Each student might have a different level of experience with ACLS when entering the class. CPR Nashville instructors are aware of this and cater to the individual student’s skill set and needs. After the mega code check offs all that is left is the written multiple choice ACLS exam. Our same rule applies we will work with each student until they pass!

Our class size for the BLS -ACLS Combo Class is always held to a minimum so students have plenty of time to ask questions. Small class size also allows students to get one on one assistance from instructors. The time spent in a CPR class only happens once every two years. This is why CPR Nashville wants CPR to be fun and strives for each and every student to leave with a smile. If you need to renew your BLS skills, ACLS skills, both, or if you want to get your certifications on the same schedule then CPR Nashville is the American Heart Association Training Site for you. You can visit our website at acls-bls-nashville.com for more information and to choose a class that best fits your needs! Don’t wait sign up today.


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