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9 Things You Must Know About Pubic lice by Benta Okello

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Because pubic lice are not only infectious but also curable, Leslie points out that the infected person must seek medical attention immediately in order to eradicate insects. She also states treatments available include the use of insecticides such as pyrethrin pediculicide, which is said to be very effective in getting rid of their nits, but also points out those pubic lice can be brought under control if certain measures such as improving standards of cleanliness and washing of clothing and beddings infested with pubic lice are taken. This includes drying them in the drier under very hot temperatures for the purpose of killing lice and nits.

You should know what pubic lice are

  1. You should know how to identify possible signs such as rashes and intense itchiness indicative of pubic lice presence on one’s body
  2. Know intense itchiness leads to skin breaking open which can introduce infections into one’s body.
  3. Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Beware pubic lice is an infection and can spread from one person to the other.
  5. Avoid sharing linens, bedding, and clothing, and maintain a good standard of cleanliness of your surroundings.
  6. Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you have an infection of pubic lice.
  7. Know that pubic lice are treatable.
  8. Get online to get more educated on pubic lice infestation.

Leslie Tischauser, in her article “Lice, Mite, and Ticks” Salem Health Magills Medical Guide, Vol 4 Print 2011 states that pubic lice is an infection caused by tiny six-legged insects that commonly live in adult human pubic hair. She reiterates that these small insects can also spread to other hairy parts of the body such as the armpit, chest, legs, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Additionally, she also reckons that female lice lay their eggs away from the skin but attached to the hair strands of the pubic hair which results in an increase in their population as their laid eggs commonly referred to as nits hatch into nymphs, a term referring to a mature lice.

Leslie Tischauser argues in her article that pubic lice mostly affect adults because of their sexual interactions, the poor and deteriorating standard of cleanliness, sharing of beddings, linens, or clothing of a person, and lack of personal hygiene also contribute to its spread.

The effects of this infection present the insect’s feeding behavior that is not only obnoxious but also intolerable. She also argues that a person infected with pubic lice succumbs to a great deal of discomfort as these tiny insects jab the person’s skin with their crab-like legs and barbed tongue as they suck blood. The sensation of itchiness and rash mostly intensify with insect blood-sucking activity, thus causing endless and extensive scratching and rubbing of the pubic area. This can result in abrasion that leaves an open cut to the skin making it possible for other forms of infection by the insects.

Consequently, pubic lice infestation in adults and its effect on human health is treatable and manageable so long as the right measures are put in place to prevent it.


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Author: Tischauser Leslie V. Encyclopedia of Salem Health Magills Medical Guide. 4 vols. Salem Press Pasadena, California: Academic P.2011Print

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