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First Step with Weight Loss Programs by Jessica Ruckenbrod

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Weight loss programs can seem tough and simply not doable  Many people do not look at the basics to weight loss. They start out with this crazy new fad thinking it is the new way to magically lose weight and create a new self image you have been wanting. Which in turn, you quickly start and stop this off the wall program that you have not fully completed. You feel less confident and still not at your goal. In reality weight loss is not magic or going to happen in one day it takes will-power and dedication. When people are wanting to start a weight loss program they need to do some good research and realize the main concepts to weight loss.

First step in every weight loss program is making the decision this is what I want and I am going to stick with my personal goals. Consistency and motivation is what is going to keep the results coming. The next concept individuals should look into is what actually helps that person lose weight. Two main concepts to losing weight are consuming less calories,  and or burning more calories than normal. With hearing these two steps an individual needs to come to an agreement with themselves what can I do? Everyone is different and needs to make this choice on there own.

When making this first big step into weight loss; understand making these changes should be small. You are wanting to stick to these goals. Making to big of goals for your self could lead to set backs due to not being able to complete these said goals. These steps maybe small, but will make a big change in your own life. Examples of small steps would be adding in an extra 10 minute of exercise a week and if you decided to add in this time, way to go you! Calorie consumption on the other hand can be a tricky thing for most people, but when wanting to loss weight you need to make some changes such as eating more regularly and healthier. Our bodies need this consistent calorie consumption in our awake hours.

Most programs would encourage everyone to eat every three to four hours if possible. As a busy adult we know this is easier said than done, but you can try with healthy snacks that can be eaten at your desk or on the go. Examples could be pre cut cheese and crackers, yogurt and fruit. If you are having trouble remembering to eat every three to four hours make a reminder somewhere such as on your calendar or on the fridge. Ways to stay on board is find a buddy, someone who can keep you track and share parts of weight loss that has been productive for them or things they are needing help with. We now have applications on our phone; which we use everyday that can help aid in weight loss such as calorie counters and fitness calculators. These are great ways to keep a running diary of the progress you have made or see where trouble areas may be lurking.

The main concept of weight loss is determination with the combination of calorie restrictions and or exercise. Weight loss is an obstacle that with proper education and will power is obtainable. Everyone is human and does slip up now and again but with the encouragement of others and a strong personal drive that will pull anyone back up to continue with your personal conquest.





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