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Overview of CPR Training in Nashville 

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Overview of CPR Training in Nashville 



CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is one of the most important emergency life-saving procedures. This is a procedure that can be learned by anyone and everyone. It is something many consider an essential first aid procedure, a life skill, and something everyone should know how to perform. Knowing basic CPR can be a game changer and a lifesaver when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest. 


The Basics of CPR 


CPR is a skill that is performed not only by medical professionals or people in the healthcare field. It can be performed by anyone. Many medical procedures are complex and require years of training and experience. However, CPR is one emergency procedure that can be learned by anyone in just a few hours. That’s the main purpose of CPR training: To give everyone the knowledge and skills that can save a life. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform basic CPR: 

  1. Check that the area is safe for you and the victim, and do appropriate PPE. 
  2. Check for responsiveness by shouting and trying to wake the victim. 
  3. Call (or direct someone to call) 911 
  4. Have someone locate an AED and bring it to the patient’s side as soon as possible. 
  5. Place the person on their back on a hard, flat surface. 
  6. Scan the victim’s chest for signs of breathing, for at least 5 but no more than 10 seconds (medical personnel may also check for a carotid pulse in an adult/child or brachial pulse in infants). 
  7. If the patient is unresponsive and is not breathing or has abnormal breathing (agonal breaths) immediately begin chest compressions (approximately 1/3 the anterior-posterior depth of the chest) at a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute, allowing for full chest recoil. 
  8. After performing 30 compressions administer two (2) rescue breaths via mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-mask, or through stoma as appropriate.  
  9. After the two rescue breaths have been administered, immediately resume chest compressions. 
  10. Repeat the cycle of 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths and use the AED as soon as it is available.  
  11. Continue CPR until properly relieved by rescue personnel. 

Knowing how to do CPR and having the confidence to use your skills in an emergency may help save a life during emergencies like cardiac arrest or drowning. Your actions will provide a greater chance of survival for the victim. 


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CPR Training  


There are 2 kinds of CPR training, and both include training on how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator). Here at CPR Nashville, we have CPR training for healthcare professionals and medical students called BLS (Basic Life Support). The two types of training are HeartSaver CPR/AED training which is for non-healthcare providers or the general public (everyone). 


It is important to know what kind or type of CPR training is suitable and appropriate for you. BLS is a CPR class usually taken by medical professionals which provides training for advanced equipment and working with other healthcare professionals to provide a successful outcome. 


HeartSaver CPR AED on the other hand is the basic CPR training for those who need to become CPR certified for employment (i.e. home health aide, construction, teacher) It’s also for individuals who just want to know how to perform proper CPR for emergencies. This covers CPR training for adults, children, and infants. It also includes how to treat choking which can be of big help for new parents, grandparents, and family in general. 


Benefits of CPR Training 


Having the knowledge and skills to save someone’s life can be valuable for family, friends, and others in your community. This allows you to help people in need, especially those experiencing medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest. Anywhere and at any time, you can respond to people in need. You can act in a life-and-death situation. You can prevent major complications for someone in need by acting as a first responder and extending the life of that person until medical professionals arrive. Being knowledgeable in providing CPR is a critical step in saving someone’s life. 


CPR Certification 


At CPR Nashville, you will be taught by medical professionals that are certified instructors for the American Heart Association. They will help you become mentally and physically ready to respond to emergencies. They will ensure you are confident in performing life-saving skills. CPR Nashville provides you with hands-on training and feedback for properly performing chest compressions, providing effective breaths, and using an AED. 


You can obtain CPR certification through CPR Nashville by completing an in-person course based on the guidelines of the American Heart Association. We have instructors who will provide you with quality training and certification through a stress-free learning environment. We will ensure you are prepared to confidently perform CPR in a real emergency. 




CPR provides you with the knowledge and skill to save someone’s life. It can allow to you provide care until advanced medical professionals can take over. Anyone and everyone can become CPR certified. We can all benefit from it and help our community to always be a safe place. 


We at CPR Nashville guarantee that becoming CPR certified through us will be a stress-free experience. Our professional and friendly instructors will ensure a thorough hands-on training experience. They will share real-life experiences to improve your knowledge and understanding of how to properly respond to common emergency scenarios. 

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