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CPR Nashville offers Basic Life Support (BLS) classes in Nashville, TN.  Both 1st time BLS certifications and BLS re-certifications are offered on a regular basis. CPR Nashville specializes in hands-on, organized, stress-free and fast CPR classes.

Basic Life Support (BLS) provider cards are American Heart Association (AHA) certified. BLS provider cards are required for most healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, paramedics, firefighters, physical therapists, physician assistants, etc.

In a BLS class you will cover CPR For Adults with both 1 and 2 Rescuers, defibrillation Rescuer with an AED for adults and children, Infant BLS/CPR, Respiratory Arrest and Rescue Breathing with and without an advanced airway for both adult and child, choking for adult and infant, etc.

Each skill needs to be checked-off and then a 25 question multiple choice type test is given at the end.

Following the successful completion of the course, an  AHA BLS provider card will be awarded at the end of class.


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