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CPR Nashville provides hands-on and stress-free Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) classes in Nashville, TN.  These classes are required by many healthcare providers, such as nurses, doctors, oral surgeons, paramedics, etc.

During emergency situations, only qualified health care providers can give ACLS, which requires airway manegement, IV access, interpreting ECG recordings, and administration of emergency drugs. There are specific ACLS algorithms that are provided for by the American Heart Association (AHA). The algorithms outline steps to take depending on a specific situation and ECG reading.

The course entails basic life support for adult, children, and infant. It also details recognition of ECG rhythms and appropriate pharmacology. All of this is practiced during a simulated “Mega Code.” Finally, a 50 question multiple choice type test is given. Upon successful completetion each student is given an ACLS provider card from the American Heart Association.

For stress-free and organized 1st time ACLS or ACLS renewal classes, register here at ACLS Classes Nashville



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