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If you need to become ACLS certified, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certified, there are certain things you can do to make sure you pass the ACLS class. But, first make sure that taking an ACLS class is right for you. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is an extension of BLS, aka Basic Life Support. ACLS has several treatment algorithms for life threatening cardiovascular states. ACLS uses a team approach to execute these algorithms. Some of the life threatening states that have an American Heart Association ACLS treatment algorithm are acute coronary syndrome, stroke, asystole, PEA (pulseless electrical activity), Pulseless ventricular tachycardia, Ventricular Fibrillation, Symptomatic Bradycardia, and Symptomatic Tachycardia. These algorithms are advanced and therefore cannot be used to treat a patient by just anyone. There is special training needed and skills required to become ACLS certified and be able to use the ACLS algorithms.

Some of the healthcare professionals required to be ACLS certified are paramedics, ICU nurses, Emergency Department Nurses, Telemetry Nurses, Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses, Operating Room Nurses, Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Endoscopy Lab nurses, EMTs and many more. Many of the healthcare professionals just listed work in specialty areas of healthcare. In these specialty areas there are medications and monitoring equipment available to healthcare providers that are necessary when using the ACLS algorithms.

For example, if you are working at one of the major hospitals like Vanderbilt Medical University Hospital, Saint  Thomas Hospital, Baptist Hospital, Centennial Hospital, Southern Hills Medical Center, or Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital you have probably seen telemetry monitors, crash carts, defibrillators, and advanced equipment that these specialty areas have. Because the ACLS treatment algorithms include pharmacology and treatment based on which cardiovascular crisis a patient is in, it is imperative that ACLS class students have a solid understanding of ECG rhythm interpretation prior to taking the ACLS class in Nashville, TN.

CPR Nashville mails out the American Heart Association ACLS manual and an ECG/Pharmacology manual to all of it’s ACLS students in advance to help them prepare. Some students need a little more education on ECG rhythms than what the manual provides. American Heart Association has an online course called Learn Rhythm Adult. It walks students through step by step on how to understand interpreting rhythms. Once a student masters doing this, and the team concept of ACLS, they will have not problem passing the class. To find out more about the AHA online ECG rhythms class follow this link:


If you would like to sign up for the best stress free ACLS class, visit http://NASHcpr.com or call 615.638.0005 today. Their instructors help you succeed and really care about your learning experience. After you complete an ACLS class with CPR Nashville, you will feel confident and ready in any hospital code! Don’t wait Sign Up TODAY!


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