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Diabetes by Cory Do

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Diabetic patients have found many welcoming hospitals and facilities, which help aid them through the process of living life with a diabetic disease. This topic was chosen because there are people in society who are unaffected and have little knowledge about diabetes. The goal is to inform, help people with a higher chance of contracting the disease, and promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone in general. The diabetes information will explain what symptoms and treatments are available for the public; along with ways to help researchers find a solution to hopefully cure the disease.

Why should Americans be more cautious of diabetes, when we have advanced medical technology? The reason for this is that to this day we still don’t have a cure for diabetes. America is the leading country to be at high risk of having diabetes as well as the highest of people that have diabetes. We need to be more informative to the younger generation because diabetes is now seen in the majority of children who reside in the United States.  Diabetes limits your mobility to eat due to the lack of an immune system to regulate your blood sugar. It can really take a toll on your life and actually shorten your lifespan compared to a normal healthy person of the same ethnicity, age range, and sex. This is not because it is encrypted in their gene but because of where they live as well as their income. Healthy foods are generally more expensive and people in poverty can’t afford living in such a lifestyle. This focuses them on eating foods that are unhealthy and high in carbohydrates.

The reason for this is due to the higher risk of having a heart attack. The majority of women in the world live longer than men, but when they have diabetes the tables turn and everything changes. By knowing the effects of diabetes on the different genders in society, we can understand and prevent what would happen to us if we were a certain gender and be more alert when eating.

As of today, we can see why our children are at higher risk because of the increase in fast food production.  Parents are not regulating their children’s meals and causing more havoc when they neglect cooking regular home meals and buy fast food as an alternative instead. This laziness and irresponsibility will result in serious health problems in the long run for our next generation and we should be preventing this instead of indulging in this bad lifestyle. Parents can save and protect future generations by changing their children’s diets as well as educating them about the consequences of eating unhealthy junk food so that they are more aware. This can provide a change as well as a solution to help decrease diabetes in children as well as adults.

Generally speaking, signs of diabetes are limited until you actually have been diagnosed with having diabetes. The earlier you realize the signs, the more likely you will be able to treat your diabetes or even prevent it from becoming worse. By doing so you can have a brighter future and not have diabetes hold you down like other diabetic patients.

Signs of diabetes range from person to person, that’s why getting check-ups and asking questions when in the doctor’s office is always important. No matter how big or small the situation is, it’s better to look into the problem than ignore it completely.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is not the end of your life and favorite food. You just have to learn how to monitor how much you eat and ways to live with diabetes. Diabetes causes you to have a higher risk of heart and kidney disease as well as other problems to your health. That is why you should monitor your diabetes so that you can live longer and not have diabetes dictate your life.

Currently, there is no cure for treating diabetes but if diabetic patients exercise and eat healthier, their lifespan will also increase. By doing so, this reverses the effects and they are less likely to need insulin to regulate their blood sugar level. Together can help you cope with having diabetes and treat it in a way that is less painful as well as decreasing the results of contracted heart disease or death.


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