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CPR Nashville, Articles II

Here are more articles and videos related to American Heart Association (AHA) CPR classes in the Nashville area, as well as health and disease topics. Click on each blue link for more information regarding each article or video.


2 Rescuer CPR on an Infant
In this video you will see how the American Heart Association teaches infant cpr with 2 rescuers. CPR on an infant. For more videos on AHA BLS go to Basic Life Support classes in Nashville.


2 Rescuer CPR on an Adult
Watch and Learn in this video how to provide the correct Basic Life Support BLS for adult cpr with 2 rescuers. AHA Basic Life Support classes involve learning how to give chest compressions, aed training, rescue breathing, etc.


Basic Life Support Class Exam
In this video, you will learn how to prepare for the American Heart Association AHA Basic Life Support examination. Essential concepts to Basic Life Support cpr are covered on the BLS provider exam are discussed in this video. Listen as the test questions for the Basic Life Support BLS American Heart Association AHA class are discussed. Each major concept that is covered on the AHA BLS test is covered in this interview.


How to Use an AED
Learning how to use an automated external defibrillator is taught in every BLS class. Automated External Defibrillators are also known as AED machines. They can interpret an ECG rhythm and then deliver a shock if necessary. Watch in this video what you would learn about an AED in a Basic Life Support (BLS) class.


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