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“Ms Holt was a great instructor.” Kevin McPike, Firefighter

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained thing in a clear manner. She demonstrated mastery of the subject.” Christopher Bailey, ICU RN

“Energetic and knowledgeable. She updated us on everything in a timely, efficient manner. Very enjoyable overall.” Sarah Yates, Nursing Student

“The prep material was extremely thorough and the atmosphere was very relaxed and engaging. Gretchen told some great stories and gave good examples that made the information easier to retain.” Theresa Nelson, Nursing Student

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. She clearly explained and demonstrated class material. This was the least painful BLS/ACLS class ever!” Sheila Lewis, RN Administrator

“I liked that there was more interaction with the instructor instead of watching videos.” Michele Enloe, RDH

“Very knowledgeable. Brings the life saving scenario to real life.” Valerie Higgens, RN

“We had a great instructor and she made it fun.” Katherine Black, CNA

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Get the Best CPR Class in Nashville Today!

“Great instructor – taught the class very straightforward and to the point.” Sarah, Social Worker

“I like everything about the class!” Rashad Watkins, Dietary Aide

“Our instructor was very informative. Thanks.” Summer Ellsworth, Medical Receptionist

“Instructor was very personable.” William Whiting, Student

“Very interactive. Didn’t make us feel intimidated to ask questions.” Amber Ferguson, RN

“Friendly – low pressure BLS class.” Bill Graham, Physician

“BLS Class was fantastic! Gretchen was extremely helpful, and I feel confident now to perform cpr in daily life.” Betty Donnelson, RN

“Awesome ACLS class Instructor!” Cindy Wellington, Dentist

“Outstanding! Very knowledgeable and conveys the information in practical real world scenarios.” Shareese Tyson, LPN

“Instructor was very personable and extremely knowledgeable.” William Reynolds, Paramedic Student

“Actually enjoyed a Megacode for the first time ever. Great job!” Debbie Longswell, Dental Hygienist 

“Entertaining class. Fast moving and hands-on equals great combination.” Tim, RN

“Very thorough and to the point.” Vera Hutchinson, RN

“Very pleased with the personal phone call and information given by the owner.” John R. Paramedic

“Positive, funny, energetic, gets to the nuggets – very relaxed environment.” Thomas Riggens, Emergency Doctor

“The most fun CPR class I’ve ever taken. Highly recommended.” Jim, Med Student

“Made learning the algorithms easy. Best Advanced Cardiac Life Support I’ve ever had.” Jen Piper, Student Nurse

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