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The following articles are written on a myriad of health and disease related topics. Each article was prepared by college students many of which are preparing to enter into a healthcare profession. Making good information available on health and disease topics is very important, as there is such a dearth of good information on the internet.

To access the entire article simply click on the blue link that precedes each article introduction. Feel free to share these papers with friends and family. You can easily share this whole page via Facebook, Twitter, etc by clicking the sociable icon at the bottom of the page. If you would like to contribute an article please email us. We are always looking for contributors of good information. Enjoy!!

What is BLS CPR? This is a common question among nursing students, dental hygiene students, medical students, physical therapy program students, and any other student entering a healthcare related college program. BLS stands for Basic Life Support. BLS, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, is a specialized CPR class for medical professionals.

Staphylococcus epidermidis
Staphylococcus epidermidis is part of the normal human flora. Staphylococcus epidermidis is an opportunistic bacterium that is one of the leading nosocomial infections. Newborns, elderly people, and drug users are the most susceptible to this bacterium. Most infections are associated with prosthetic instruments such as catheters and stents. Septicemia and Endocarditis are diseases that are associated with S. epidermidis.

Huntington’s Disease by Jocelyn Owens
Huntington’s disease, abbreviated as HD, is a genetic neurodegenerative that breaks down the brain nerve cells until that individual is incompatible of doing everyday task or controlling emotions. Most cases start around the age of 21. Someone can only get this disease if one parent is carrying the defective gene, which gives them a 50/50 chance of developing the disease. The disease can be passed down from either the mother or father. Fortunately, HD …

What is a Super Bug? by Christoph Schultz
What leads to the development of these “Super Bugs” and what can be done to effectively combat them? Antimicrobial agents, comprised of antibiotics and similar drugs, have been an integral part of modern medicine since they became widely available in the 1940s. Penicillin was discovered in London in 1928 by Alexander Fleming and perfected a decade later by …

What is Osteoarthritis by Se’an Whitehead
There is no known cure for Osteoarthritis. This is a condition that deteriorates the cartilage between the joints over a period of time. The only thing you can do to ease the pain by following your doctor’s orders and the treatment that he or she prescribes. Osteoarthritis is a painful and life-altering disease that is suffered by …

What is PID by Terra Rahaman
Leaving PID untreated creates scar tissue. These scar tissues pose some serious threats. If scar tissue from PID infects the fallopian tubes it may cause severe damage to a woman’s fertility. Scar tissue can disrupt the journey of the egg, causing the egg not to get to the uterus. It can also block the egg from being fertilized by…

Mitral Valve Prolapse by Caitlin Kinnaman
Mitral Valve Prolapse is also known as:

  • Balloon Mitral Valve
  • Barlow’s Syndrome
  • Billowing Mitral Valve
  • Click-Murmur Syndrome
  • Floppy Valve Syndrome
  • Myxomatous Mitral Valve
  • Prolapsing Mitral Valve Syndrome

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