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Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome(WPW) by Emily Cronin

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Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome, or more commonly known as WPW, is a syndrome that affects your heart. This syndrome can also have negative effects on your physical strength and mental health. The syndrome is a gene mutation that is passed down from your ancestors. With this syndrome your heart created an extra electrical pathway. This causes your heart to have random episodes of tachycardia. This specific syndrome does not show up until you are in your late teenage years or your early twenty’s. In some cases people have gone their whole lives without knowing they had this syndrome because the symptoms can be very mild in some cases. Even though the symptoms might not show up till later in your life if you have the syndrome you have had it since birth.

The first major symptom is a fast heartbeat. If you are in the medical field you might know this to be called tachycardia. Most doctors will diagnose tachycardia with anxiety or stress disorders. They will most likely send you away with a prescription for anti-anxiety drugs. The second symptom is lightheadedness or dizziness. Most people will experience these symptoms at one point in their life; however, if you suffer from WPW you experience these symptoms multiple times a day. Other symptoms that occur with this syndrome are heart palpitations, getting tired very easily during a workout, chest pain, and in more serious cases death. Although it does not sound like this is that serious of a health problem many people, including my friend, have died from WPW.

There have been some studies that have found this syndrome in infants. They share most of the same symptoms that the adults have. If you think you or a loved one might have this syndrome it is best to bring it up with a health care provider. Most cases are not caught until after death or sometimes if you are undergoing a serious heart procedure. The tests they have you take to see if you have WPW would be an EKG or Electrophysiological testing. These tests will help the doctor find out if you have the extra electrical pathway. To treat WPW the doctor will prescribe medications to help control your fast heartbeat. A more extreme measure to control your WPW would be to have open heart surgery to get rid of the extra pathway. There is a 100% success rate for this surgery.

This syndrome has similar symptoms to a heart attack, vasovagal syndrome, a variety of anxiety disorders and many other syndromes. It is best to be sure that you know what is causing these reactions that are happening in your body. Life is too precious to let any disease or syndrome that could have been cured or controlled take over your body and take your life. Your doctor will be able to provide you with comfort and more information on whether or not you fit the symptoms of Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome.



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