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What is Wheat Grass? by Robert Brown

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My Dad’s poor dietary habits ultimately led him towards colon cancer. My Father Michael Brown ate mostly meat. Towards his final few years, he was constantly in and out of the hospital. Diabetes, leg amputation and complete dependence on the healthcare system proved to be a miserable existence for Him. After intensive care treatment the last few months of his life, my Dad asked the Doctor to remove his breathing vent tube. I had already known about whole foods and a “raw foods diet”. I have been growing wheatgrass since 2006. My Dad and brothers always knew about my healthy ways. My Father’s death caused me to get serious about my diet and inform people about how to live better.

What is Wheatgrass? I first learned of wheatgrass like most people, via the internet. One of the American pioneers of using wheatgrass juice to heal and cure sickness and disease was Ann Wigmore. Wigmore grew up in Lithuania and studied behavior of small animals. She eventually cured herself of the same ailment my Father had, colon cancer. Wigmore came to America and opened The Hippocrates Health Institute, educating and healing people using wheatgrass, sprouts and other living foods.

Fresh wheatgrass juice is one of the best sources of chlorophyll. This living liquid is mostly protein, contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K, including 4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 per serving. Interestingly, vitamin B-12 is usually only found in animal food sources. Also found in the juice of this sweet tasting grass are many enzymes. Enzymes such as: Dnase, Catalase, Cytochrome Oxidase, Hexokinase, Lipase, Malic Dehydrogenase, P4D1, Peroxidase, Protease Amylase and Superoxide Dismutase. Catalase protects the body from toxicity of hydrogen peroxide. Our body makes hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct of all the metabolic reactions that occur. The miraculous anti oxidant-enzymes Cytochrome Oxidase and Superoxide Dismutase bind free radicals both intracellularly and those in the organs. Lipase decreases fat accumulation in arteries and aids in fat digestion. I believe that while science has identified over seventy different enzymes in chlorophyll, it probably contains many more, not to mention trace elements and possibly even things that we cannot identify or understand.

Wheatgrass, when juiced, contains plant protein that is unharmed, opposed to the protein that most people consume. Generally people heat animal-sourced protein, which denatures the “building blocks”, the amino acids. The cooking of fruits and vegetables is what destroys their vitamin content. It is fiber in its raw, uncooked form that the body needs.

Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier for blood. The elemental structure of chlorophyll looks almost identical to human hemoglobin. Hemoglobin has an iron molecule instead of chlorophyll’s magnesium molecule. Drinking wheatgrass or the “blood of plants”, turns into human blood. Therefore based upon body weight and metabolism, regular wheatgrass consumption is like getting a frequent blood transfusion. This equates to a slower aging process, decreased healing time, increased immune and something bodybuilders are familiar with, reduced muscle soreness.

Chlorophyll dissolves mucous plaque from the intestines. This plaque is a hardened layer of waste lining the intestines. This layer of crud comes from eating fast foods, processed foods, also known as, “the typical American diet”. Mucosal plaque also comes from ingredients in many of the packaged foods such as, food coloring, pesticide, drugs, and preservatives. Drinking wheatgrass juice regularly helps keep the intestines in order by dissolving mucous plaque. This plaque lining prevents absorption of vitamins and nutrients and is not easy to eliminate. It requires eating uncooked foods, a high fiber diet and the speeding up of metabolism from aerobic exercise. The easy way to get rid of this intestinal garbage is simply to drink wheatgrass which dissolves mucous plaque.

Americans consume high quantities of meat and have a great need to clean their intestines. The intestines are where nutrients are absorbed into the body. The average American, being obese, can benefit greatly by adding wheatgrass juice to their diet. I remember seeing the television commercials selling all of the “cleansing formulas”. These were pills comprised of fiber, psyllium seed husks, benzonite clay, powdered chlorophyll, etcetera. I remember using some of these pills in an attempt to “get clean”. I began The Seven Day Miracle Cleanse and it was not cheap. It was indeed removing mucous plaque as I noticed my stool diameter had increased. I felt stomach irritation while on this cleanse which I thought was simply the product’s effectiveness. Later I learned of a much more gentle approach to cleaning the digestive system, namely wheatgrass. Coincidentally, this is how we all were as children, having stool of larger diameter, continuous and of a softer consistency. Americans obesity is directly due to a lack of hard fiber in their diet. Which means constipation is a norm. In fact, hospitals used to perform enemas for patients. I would guess that today, it is not politically correct. I believe that regular enemas probably would have prevented my Father from having colorectal cancer.

Wheatgrass juice turned Ann Wigmore’s grey hair back to it’s original, younger color. I have personally used it to increase athletic endurance, heal cuts, infection, as an underarm deodorant, mouthwash, etcetera. It has cured my tooth pain and sensitivity, within seconds after gargling, and my pain at the tooth roots is gone. I have been applying it to my cat’s teeth and gums for three years. Prior to wheatgrass, my cat had a bright red gum-line that signified infection. After rubbing the juice on His gums for less than 2 days, His gums returned to their normal, healthy state. My cat’s bad breath, no doubt attributed to eating commercially canned, high carb foods, disappeared as well. Wheatgrass is an anti-bacterial and seems to heal and restore every tissue it comes into contact with.

It is said that one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to twenty-five ounces of vegetable juice. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass protects the lining of the lungs from carbon monoxide and acid gas inhalation. Many claim that wheatgrass gives them energy and that they sleep better, in a shorter period of time. Chlorophyll increases blood volume and oxygen and lowers blood pressure yielding a stronger, longer and healthier life.

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Perhaps one day Americans won’t freak out when they see me pull an avocado out of my bag for lunch. I believe this young generation, tired of watching their sick parents live through hell, will shun McDonalds and crave homemade flax seed and cashew butter. Hopefully today’s youth will not allow Dentists to put mercury in their teeth. Hopefully today’s smart generation will boycott aluminum deodorant, consume less red meat and take their lives into their own hands.

Wheatgrass is easy to grow and available for purchase from health food stores by the tray. You can even buy shots of wheatgrass, ready to drink. Amazing to me is all of the doubt and slander towards the miraculous claims about this juice. Most of the doubting opponents are medical professionals. Are these “professors of health” denying said claims for fear of the American public finally becoming free of the greedy healthcare system? Or are these “grass haters” just ignorant? It is my dream to see Americans rank education high. Maybe then, teachers will be paid like current day “pill prescribers”.













The Wheatgrass Book – Ann Wigmore, copyright 1985. ISBN 0-89529-234-3






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