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What is Narcolepsy by Clarence Janiszewski

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In our everyday life we all sleep some most than others. Getting a nice well sleep is important to us. People without sleep is an ugly sight. Trust me I know because I’m the same way I get a little cranky when I don’t get enough sleep that’s why I make sure I get the normal 8 hours of sleep our body needs so I‘m feeling right every morning. But is there such thing as to much sleep? What if you can’t help it. You just fall right to sleep you could just be walking around your house and unexpectedly fall asleep on the floor well that’s what Narcolepsy is, it’s a condition where basically you fall asleep without warning anytime of the day and you can never know when you’ll wake up it could be an hour from now or maybe a whole day it’s a serious disorder that changes your life completely. I’ve seen this with my own eyes it’s not a pleasant sight to see since the person just drops to the ground sometimes it can result to injuries such as hitting your head on solid ground because you have no control what so ever.

It really does take a toll on your life since you never know what could happen to you. These sleep problems can occur at a very young age and worsen when you get older. Many other symptoms can occur such as loss of muscle tone were you feel so weak you can’t lift a single bone in your muscle there is also sleep paralysis it’s when your mind is awake but your body is still sleep and sometimes you can’t talk or move. The worse of these symptoms is you start hallucinating they say you are half awake but you start dreaming so you think you dreams are reality and that could be good or bad depending on the dream. Which can cause trauma like social anxiety? Like stated before these symptoms gets worse as you age.

There isn’t really a solid cure for Narcolepsy but there are certain medication you can take that can help. And there are ways you can do to cope with this disorder such as making changes in your everyday life, make sure you are in a safe environment most people with Narcolepsy stay close to or at home to reduce the risk of endangering their life. Though I do question we have medication that helps us stay awake is that not enough to at least have a clue to cure Narcolepsy in the future ? Or is the disorder that serious that their really isn’t a cure for it.

Coming back to coping with Narcolepsy having friends and family supporting you can help tremendously to cope with Narcolepsy because you know you can count on them in your time of need. I’ve always found this condition somewhat exotic as in strange to me that a disease like this is true and in our everyday life. Though they’re really isn’t a solid explanation on how people are diagnose with Narcolepsy you never really know what triggers it or if something happened during birth. It’s still a mystery to be solve. And hopefully someone can find a cure to help fix this conditions because no one should have to go through that for the rest of their life.





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