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Is Malaria in U.S. by Justin Fogarty

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Every year it is estimated that Malaria kills almost a million people. It is a disease that comes from a parasitic infection. When bitten by a mosquito the parasite is transferred to the human causing many future problems if not treated. Fifteen hundred of those cases occur in the United States every year. However all of those cases are reported to originate from outside of the United States from people traveling in and out of the country.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention played a large role in removing Malaria from the United States and continues to work on preventing Malaria throughout the world. Still Malaria has only been removed from the United States of America since 1951 and before that was a major concern upon many Americans. Before 1951 there was a widespread message of covering exposed skin and using repellant to prevent infection. This message was very similar to what you hear today in regards to preventing the West Nile Virus that is transmitted through mosquito infection. Even in the United States the CDC reports that from the time of 1957 to 2011 there has been 63 outbreaks of local strands of Malaria that were transmitted from mosquitos that were infected by a person already carrying the disease that it had bitten. Proving that it is still very important we study and follow and track this disease.

The disease is not a major concern for Americans but when it does occur it can be devastating outside of the United States and here at home. Because of the diseases rarity here in the States it can go undetected or misdiagnosed. The disease can progress very quickly and cause fatality in hours or days. That said in most cases with treatment for the disease most people suffering from Malaria should expect a full recovery. Of the 216 million cases of Malaria that had occurred in 2010 there were only 655,000 deaths this making a very wide ratio for survival. 91% of those deaths were in the African region were medical aid is scarce and finding aid for the disorder can be almost impossible providing an idea of how seeking medical attention can affect your chances of survival in these cases.

Malaria thrives in tropical climates and when traveling to these locations there is certain precaution that must be met to avoid the disease. One thing and the easiest thing to do would be when at these locations cover up to avoid the mosquito bites that carry the infection in the first place. The second thing before traveling is be sure to go to a doctor and get an antimalarial prescription medication. You will probably take this starting before the trip and throughout until you return. It is important however because this will prevent you from being able to be infected with the disease. For a complete list of places were you need to protect yourself from this disease go to (http://www.cdc.gov/malaria/travelers/country_table/a.html) they will have a list of all the countries that are effected by the disease. By educating yourself on Malaria you can protect yourself from this disease and help others.






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