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Depression by Kellie Anton

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The older we become, I think we can all agree that life gets tougher. We experience new difficulties and more problems start to occur that all add up to be intense pressure that we put on ourselves. Life is one big roller coaster; a day can change everything.  The most important thing we need to remember is when we are feeling down, we must realize we all go through rough patches and life will eventually take its turn for the better. Over twenty million Americans are fighting depression and the number keeps rising.

Depression is a treatable disorder in the brain.  It is most common between the ages of fifteen and thirty and women have twice the chance to experience depression than men. The symptoms of depression include loss of interest in something you used to enjoy, energy loss, change in weight, difficulty sleeping or overly sleeping, feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of death or suicide. It is very important to recognize your symptoms and get help quickly. If you think you’re fighting depression, lean on a family member or friends for support and contact your doctor.  You may be prescribed anti-depressants, which increase the number of chemical messengers in your brain, and be directed to further treatment such as therapy. Studies prove that a combination of treatments will increase your chance of depression never coming back.  Telephone support, email, and online chat resources are also available twenty-four hours a day. A good nutritious diet and exercise on a regular basis can tremendously help improve your mood and shorten the length of recovery.

Going through depression can be extremely difficult and hard to talk about. Just know that your depression is not your fault, it can be caused by many things that are out of your control.  Although you may feel like being alone, you should never isolate yourself. Stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones; they will be there to help you. Stay away from alcohol and drugs, they are proven to only worsen your mood and can be dangerous when taken with prescribed anti-depressants. When going through depression, try pacing yourself and give yourself more time to get things done. You shouldn’t try doing as much as you usually would, it will only add more stress to yourself. Be patient, and let time heal you. You will be able to overcome it eventually, so do not get discouraged or give up.

Life can throw a lot at us at once, and it becomes very easy for someone to feel depressed these days. If you are dealing with depression, you are certainly not alone. Try to keep your thoughts positive and encourage yourself as well as encourage others around you. As you have read before, it is not your fault for your depression, but it is your responsibility to get help or tell someone that will help you. This world could use a lot more smiles walking around, so keep smiling and continue to do the things you love; everyone deserves to be happy.


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