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Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Classes Required for Students in Nashville TN

CPR Nashville is here to invite all nursing students, medical students, medical residents, dental students, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians, radiology students, and any other healthcare field student to take your required American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers class with us, i.e. 1st Time BLS Certification Class.

During your college education you are going to learn many things but knowing how to protect yourself and save a life in an emergency is crucial to the start of your career in healthcare. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation saves lives everyday and if your degree program includes clinical hours in a hospital or other healthcare facility you are probably required to become BLS certified. BLS stands for Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. The course is more advanced than a general CPR class for the lay population. The BLS classes taught by the staff of CPR Nashville make sure that all students feel very comfortable using the equipment and skills they may need to use during their college clinical experience.

CPR Nashville understands working with patient’s and other healthcare professionals can be awkward and scary in the beginning. Because of this the American Heart Association CPR Nashville instructors have designed a first time BLS class to address all of your concerns and worries that a student or someone who has not had a CPR class in a while might have. Our classes are hands on and small in size. This allow students the time to get all of their questions and concerns addressed and get through the BLS class in a shorter amount of time. We know students have busy schedules!¬†

Don’t procrastinate or take a long and boring online BLS class. Sign up for one of CPR Nashville’s first time BLS classes today for your best CPR experience ever. We promise you will have a great time and leave feeling confident with your skills and ability to perform CPR in an emergency.

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