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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) providers get ready for the BEST ACLS Renewal class ever! Who says the American Heart Association ACLS classes need to be stressful or intimidating? Who says an ACLS refresher class needs to last all day long? Not CPR Nashville. CPR Nashville has found a way to make taking an AHA ACLS provider class something that can be an enjoyable experience for the student whether it is their first time or a 2 year refresher.

Running a “megacode” and testing your advanced cardiac life support skills should be a positive experience. Students only are exposed to the ACLS class material once every two years. Because of this it is crucial that the time spent reviewing the material is  quality, fun, and relaxed. If a student is so nervous and intimidated by “passing the megacode” or “passing the test” they are not going to get anything meaningful out of the ACLS class. Also, feeling intimidated and scared will not leave the student feeling confident to run their own code if put in the position in a real life and patient situation. 

The owners and American Heart Association instructors of CPR Nashville understand how important it is that ACLS students have a nurturing classroom environment. They have focused and successfully created an ACLS class that leaves students smiling and passing each and every ACLS class with the thought “I can run any code”. 

The ACLS classes offered by CPR Nashville are small in size. The American Heart Association Training Site in Nashville does this to encourage more one on one individualized education and to decrease the added stress of large class sizes. By decreasing the ACLS class size CPR Nashville is also able to offer the ACLS renewal class in a half day and the first time ACLS certification in only 1 day! Another thing the students love about our ACLS classes is the fact that we are hands on. We don’t make students spend hours in front of a video or computer. We help students engage with the ACLS course content and help them apply it to real life situations that are specialized to their working environment. 

Doesn’t all of this sound better that staring at a computer screen for hours or using an automated dummy? Don’t waste your time on that or a video based ACLS class that will take all day and put you to sleep. Come visit the staff at CPR Nashville and try our hands on and stress free way to be an expert at ACLS.

Visit our website today and sign up for an ACLS class in Nashville.


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