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Human Immunodeficiency Virus by Daniella Horn

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Human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as by its abbreviation HIV, is a disease that attacks white blood cells known as CD4 T-cells in the body.  The main functions of CD4 T-cells are to aid in the human immune system.  AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is the third and final stage of the HIV process but it should be noted that not all sufferers of more...

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Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease by James Koester

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Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a tragic illness that affects over five million elderly denizens of the United States. The causes of Alzheimer’s Disease are uncertain but there is a triad of factors that influence the development of Alzheimer’s: genetics, environment, and lifestyle choice. AD is a neurodegenerative disease that attacks the neurons, which are brain more...

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PCOS, A Simplified Summary of a Complex Imbalance by Amanda Ruesche

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When you Google women’s health, the most common topics that surface generally address breast cancer, menopause, or pregnancy.  If you do a little further digging, you will find PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, listed as one of the causes of infertility in women who are trying to conceive. What’s troubling about the information is that it generally isn’t spoken more...

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CPR Certification Nashville | 615-638-0005 | CPR Classes in Nashville

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Need CPR Certification in Nashville? Register Here   If you need CPR for Healthcare Providers in the Nashville, Tennessee area you can register for a class now! All classes are American Heart Association (AHA) approved and you will receive a 2 year AHA provider card immediately after successful completion of a written exam and skills check. This course is more...

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Overview of Bulimia Nervosa by Michelle Brungart

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Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is generally categorized by the act of binge eating that is followed by some form of purging the consumed calories. Bulimia is most common in women and teens, but may also affect males and other age groups as well. People with bulimia have constant episodes of feeling a loss of control, where they over-eat huge quantities of food more...

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× Yes, we are fully open and holding in-person classes as usual, as well as online classes.

[WARNING]: Since many individuals postponed their certifications due to COVID and are now registering again, classes are filling fast so register now to ensure your spot. See our course calendar for online registration or contact us directly by phone, live chat or email with questions.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: 100% of CPR Nashville instructors have entirely completed (1) the rigorous and official American Heart Association instructor training and certification process, and (2) the “How to Teach a Stress-Free CPR Class™” classroom and testing training protocol that ensures a superior experience for everyone. In addition, students will receive their AHA Cards the day of class!