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Browsing Month April, 2013

Trisomy 18 and Chromosomal Abnormalities by Benta Okello

By at April 14, 2013 | 9:11 am | 0 Comment

Among three genetic disorders namely Trisomy 13 and 21, Trisomy 18 is a very rare and most severe form of genetic disorders. It is also known as Edwards Syndrome as is reported by National Institute of Health. It is a genetic anomaly that is caused by an extra copy of chromosome attaching itself to the eighteenth chromosome, thus resulting into 47 chromosomes instead of more...

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High Sugar Diet by Baljinnyam Batnasan

By at April 12, 2013 | 7:51 am | 0 Comment

When we hear the word “sugar”, it brings smile to our faces and we think of all the sweet and yumminess. The only taste that humans are born with a natural desire is sweet.  Because of this, it is no wonder that the average American diet ingests so much of it.  The objective of this paper is to inform the reader of the harmful effects of a high sugar diet on an more...

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First Step with Weight Loss Programs by Jessica Ruckenbrod

By at April 8, 2013 | 8:28 am | 0 Comment

Weight loss programs can seem tough and simply not doable  Many people do not look at the basics to weight loss. They start out with this crazy new fad thinking it is the new way to magically lose weight and create a new self image you have been wanting. Which in turn, you quickly start and stop this off the wall program that you have not fully completed. You feel less more...

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Spinal Fusion & Discectomy by Christopher J. Martin

By at April 7, 2013 | 10:01 am | 0 Comment

The human spinal column normally consists of 33 vertebrae, 24 of which are independent; the remaining 9 are fused in the coccyx and sacrum. Vertebrae are separated by cushions called discs or disks. Discs may become damaged or herniated (moved out of place) due to age, physical trauma, or even genetic predisposition to stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal more...

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Obesity by Briyanna Jackson

By at April 6, 2013 | 6:56 pm | 1 Comments

Obesity has become a global problem since 2005. Obesity usually occurs with in ages 15 and up in adults and children 5 and under. Obesity is defined as excessive portion body fat. Another term that is used for obesity is also known as overweight. A person is considered overweight when their weight exceeds 20% of normal weight. A common tool that is used to determine more...

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